walkability and property, it MATTERS!
"Sidewalk in Upper East Side (NYC)" by Hornswoggle / licensed under CC BY SA 3.0
Total Walkability: Manhattan, New York
The Sense of Walk API empowers home buyers and renters to find neighborhoods that meet their walking criteria. Defined from most to least walkable, sidewalk quality can be viewed at block, quarter mile and neighborhood scales. We measured seven walkability constructs - Nature, Architecture, Amenities, Comfort, Safety, Interest and Access.
Walkability Map
About Sense of Walk
Sense of Walk is the real estate arm of Walkspan™, a data-driven and location intelligence technology firm dedicated to the experience of walking. By providing an API that seamlessly works with property search website, buyers, sellers, investors, and developers gain immediate access to walkability data.
Walkspan™ MISSION
To advance walkability globally by building the largest public realm database and by creating technologies and services for walking aimed at extending human health, reducing our carbon footprint, expanding the local economy and enriching the community.
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